22 Elm St, Newport

I was a TX based buyer looking for a second property in Newport. Not knowing anyone, I cast a wide net for realtors. Being a business owner, I respond to speed and urgency. Connor was the first one to call me which gave him a leg up on his competition. 

When we spoke, I learned he had over 20 years experience selling RI real estate. Adding thorough understanding of the market to his speed and urgency made him an easy choice. Interestingly, two of his previous personal homes were available and in my wheelhouse. One sold while we were looking. The other one was my second choice.  I just spent my first night in the winner, and I can say I’m extremely happy with the outcome. 

Buying a house remotely in a market like summer/fall 2020 was an interesting challenge. Limited inventory coupled with rising prices is the ideal seller’s market. I found Connor to be professional, direct, and accommodating. Adding patience to the speed, urgency, and market understanding was a winning formula for me. He was also more interested in the right deal for me instead of the quick sale for him. He quickly figured out what I wanted and streamlined the process. I’ve purchased several properties as an out of town buyer.  This was the best experience by a long shot. 

I strongly recommend Connor and his team. 

— David Smith