Tara Higgins

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Originally from western Massachusetts, Tara has spent the last 8 years of her life exploring and getting to know Rhode Island after moving here with her military family.  A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, she obtained her master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University in 2007 and spent some years both in the teaching and counseling fields before jumping into real estate as part of the Connor Dowd Realty Group as an opportunity to live up to what she knows is her potential both financially and personally.  She believes it takes a certain kind of person to do real estate – one who thinks relationships are the most important aspect of working with her clients and who is fulfilled by providing stellar and personalized service in assisting other people in their pursuit of a new property or selling a current one. 

As a military spouse, Tara well knows the challenges of military families as they move from place to place and what they need the most in a real estate agent.  Having two wonderful children in the school system, she is an actively involved parent in the system and you won’t find anyone who is more familiar with or knowledgeable of the schools and their staff.  She takes great pride in making sure she goes above and beyond for all of her clients – don’t be surprised if she offers you a personalized tour of Newport!

Tara is thrilled to be on the team and is committed to making your real estate experience the best you ever can or will have.  As Tara likes to say, she is in the business of making people happy.  Period.  And she looks forward to doing this for YOU!

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